New Motion Graphics Video For CRUX Agency.
Photoshop + Cinema 4D + After Effects = That Video

Just Like Space, Organized Work In a Creative Chaos.
Hope You’ll Enjoy Watching.

Screen Shots

اهلا بيكم في درس جديد ..
الدرس ده هانتدرب فيه علي 3 برامج للموشن جرافيكس ..
فوتوشوب .. افتر افيكتس .. سينما فور دي
اتمنالكم مشاهدة ممتعة

Motiongrapher Diploma

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watch ahlamsh


يدور فيلم أحلمش عن شاب حالم لديه موهبة فذة تجعل منه رساماً موهوباً,
ولكن الروتين اليومى القاتل الذي يواجهه يسيطر عليه فهل يستطيع تحقيق حلمه
Ehlamsh Film About A dreamer young man having a gift it makes him a talented painter,
but the killer routine he faces everyday controls him .. So can he achieve his dream or not ?
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Interview with me,
I talked about motion graphics & filmmaking and how can you start your first step in the graphics world.
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EGD ( Egyptians Graphic Designer ) Event, 2
Saturday, May 2at 9:00am – 4:00pm
LRC Kasr Al Ainy, Faculty Of Commerce, Cairo University

The Speaker
The Most Creative Artists In Egypt and Te Middle East.
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